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MyGovUSA is a non-profit interactive social media platform created to inspire a more interactive and educated voting block in the United States and bridge the gap between elected officials and their constituents and giving the voice of democracy back to the people.

Our mission is to organize information on local government through creating an unbiased, non-partisan platform for the public; advocate for transparency in government, voter education, and voter rights; and inspire a more interactive and educated voting block in the United States while staying at the forefront of innovation.

Our purpose is to give users the ability to educate themselves efficiently, without having to go to various websites to find something they can trust and without sorting through all the bias and special interests.

We operate on the belief that is the right of every American citizen to have access to pure information on their local government branches. This organization will create an app for the users smartphone and thus put information in the palm of the users hand. The app will summarize bills and other legislation policies in a way all users can understand the impact of the legislation. The summary will address what effect it will have in their local community.

Because the MyGovUSA is a non-profit there are no stockholders or owners to please, and with a board of leaders selected from the community whose only goal is to serve the people we truly can say our motto is wholeheartedly...

"For the People, By The People."

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