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MyGovUSA is a non-profit multifaceted organization with one mission-to educate and inspire our nation to get involved in the political landscape, regardless of political affiliation, religion, race or creed. Civic Engagement is our passion, and we believe that politics is for everybody, not just the political elite, the collegiate scholars or the political junkies. Through our interactive civics platform, Active collegiate clubs and local chapters we seek to engage and inspire every American to get educated.

Our mission is to organize information on local government through creating an unbiased, non-partisan platform for the public. We remove the difficult rhetoric that widens the gap between everyday constitutes and elected officials.

Our platform is easy to use and efficient. No dictionary necessary. Easily accessible and concise information about local, state and federal elections at your fingertips.

Our clubs and local chapters are FUN! That is right-we said it! Fun, engaging and most importantly a non-judgemental space where anyone and everyone is invited to ask questions, explore, educate, connect and engage. Wherever you land on the political spectrum, or if you don’t know where you land at all, drop by your local chapters meeting. We promise a fun and interactive experience. Missing a MyGovUSA Chapter in your area? Click here to start one.

We advocate for transparency in government, voter education, and voter rights; and inspire a more interactive and educated voting block in the United States while staying at the forefront of innovation. Because the MyGovUSA is a non-profit there are no stockholders or owners to please, and with a board of leaders selected from the community whose only goal is to serve the people we truly can say our motto is wholeheartedly...

"For the People, By The People."

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Urban Stewart


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Manny Banda


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Brooke Hanrahan

Director of Marketing & Fundraising

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Joash Ospino

Community Liason

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Jason Kane

Club Expansion & Finance Fellow

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Sarah Booth

Marketing & Business Development Fellow

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Bob Worsley

Board Member

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Mike Schoen

Board Member

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Diana Chen

Board Member

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Ethan Naluz

Board Member

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